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Good Words as Positive Spells

Most of us usually speak good words and good wishes to other people when they are in problem and come to us for helps. The question is, how good , how strong and what effective words do we give to ourselves when we are having problems and that we need to solve the problems by ourselves?

I learnt this challenge of questions from my own situation lately.

I have been learning Options,  internet marketing and SEO websites all nearly at the same time with a hope to achieve quick results so that I could generate better cashflow. But  things do not seem to be as smooth as I thought with my expectations. The harder I tried, the more many things I found myself haven’t learnt good enough and I can’t yet produce any reasonable ROI. With all these three things come into head and hands at the same time, unrealizingly I came to understand that I have given myself unnecessary pressures and problems.

It was last December 2009 when my Options trainer announced that our club was going to learn about “Set your Mindset Positive”.  Trying to motivate myself, I read all positive and inspiring books besides my prayer every morning, and amazingly  I managed to collect and rewrite 30 positive words during my journey of finding enlightments  towards my situational problems.

Suddenly I felt so much anxious to print a nice card box to share to other people.  I was aware I should not spend any unnecessary expenditure.  In the midst of hesitation, I picked up one of my cards draft and it said (1) “Persistent – You have clear goal, so keep moving forward with full of spirit”.  Oh, the card seemed to hypnotize me  and it persuaded me to do something. An idea came to my mind, why not  try to bring the cards concept and talked over the printing company owner wether he could allow me some installment of payments.  You know what happened?  I was so surprised that he accepted my proposal. Wow, I couldn’t believe my ears and I felt my positive creation card really serves as a motivator.  After the cards got finished printing,  I took another card, it said “(2) Creative – you love creating new things in order to change your past, build today  and inspire your future.”   So, here is my “Positive Creation Card” which I finally sell at Rp.25.000/box online and offline.

My endeavours didn’t stop until there. I was also anxious to trade real-time Options.  I took out one card, it said “(3) Full of Hope – you are always optimistic in facing your future”.  Ok, I said to myself. Do real time now carefully and  wisely, don’t be too greedy.  To be honest, I could hear my heart beating and my hands as well feet got cold. That’s the  sensation of my first trading real time Options.  I won, and that’s how I got my guts to trade better and earn better from 2 digits to 3 digits.

By one and a half month I gained 25% and I was about to withdraw my lucky profits. I didn’t use any of my positive card this time, I only told myself “ Trade and get profit to make round figure then pull out.”  You know what had happened?  Alas, I lost all my profits just within 3 days after all I have traded so cautiously and hard within 1,5 months.   OMG, I blamed myself  Why didn’t I just stop trading and pulled out the cash first?

Anyway,  unexpected incident had occurred.  As to comfort myself, I recall of my positive creation card. I took out one and it said, (4) “Be Patient” – you accept all things given in life with big heart”. Immediately I just laughed at myself.  Well, I said, easy money easy gone.  Why not  I just took the advice and practiced Options paper money again?  Meanwhile, I feel the necessity to push myself forward with my web learning.  So, again I pulled other card  which said (5) “Be strong – you support yourself and other people with initiative and confidence.”

So,  I got up on my feet again, and you know what?  I am so happy to be able to create 1 commercial web applying SEO, offering my financial plan service and 1 wordpress with a name to encourage myself to become a professional speaker.

After all, from the experiences I have been talking about, I found the strength  in using  good words, that they can  serve us as positive spells which lead to our positive thinking and actions. And another  beauty I suddenly found is,  we can combine the positive words with researched targeted keywords and persuasive call-to-action words to apply into our toastmaster, SEO website and online marketing.

With these three types of classified positive words,  I deem to make my Options, my website and my speaking blog become inspiring and giving positive spells to many people.

How’s about you? What’s your good words to serve as your positive spells? Back to you, dear fellow toastmasters.

SEO Website

More and more people nowadays get aware of blogs, websites, and facebook. Yet only few people understand what SEO website is.

To those who are doing business online, especially professionals who provide their services on web design and website marketing consultancy, most of them know about SEO yet few of them comprehend how to do SEO.

SEO is Search Engine Optimalization which means either yahoo or google engine refer people’s searching of keywords to certain websites. Since there are hundreds up to millions websites of people who share similar keywords all over the world, there are certain technical methods to be done in order to enable the search engines pointing towards our website. The purpose is to get some traffics or leads with a view to closing some deals from the online visiting prospects.

For example, you may visit for your identifying the keywords put in every menu of the web.

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